If you know us through our big sister Rare Food, you’ll know how we roll.

If you’re new to us, then maybe you don’t realise the pineapple has long been
the symbol of hospitality & welcome – now more than ever,  we all need a little more “pineapple” in our lives.

Pineapple Express comes with the same high-quality ethos as Rare,
packaged & delivered in a practical way to suit our times. We have been busy creating freshly-made dining experiences & dishes that are more accessible when more of us need to have delicious, healthy food delivered to our door.

We have created bi-weekly changing menus which are effectively a 3 (or more) course
dinner party in a box. They come with simple instructions & can be finished at home minimum fuss straight from the eco-friendly packaging – even our stickers are made from cane fibres & organic inks. The boxes work equally well for family dinner parties or birthdays, date nights, gifts for friends & corporate care packages. 


The most fun thing that our customers have been doing is coordinating with friends & buying boxes which they prepare at the same time & eat together over Zoom, Google Hangouts or Houseparty. The virtual supper clubs have had incredible feedback, guests have been dressing up & some have been getting competitive over tablescaping
& really going to town. 

We’ve also curated a range of sensational, savoury & sweet treats & staples &
included a little sprinkling of indulgence with organic wines & a cocktail club menu
for you to choose from & enjoy with your meals.
More dining experiences & delivery postcodes will be launching

over the coming weeks.

Pineapple Express Supper Club


Pimp up the presentation of your Pineapple Express dinners
as much or little as you like & dress-up or down yourself to eat it.
Don’t forget to tag us and send us your pics.


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